finally!  I am finally starting to see some weight loss and changes in my body.  whew! that only took 8 months 🙂  my weight is down to 172 and i have dropped a size and a half! so exciting to finally be able to see changes since i have been working so hard.  i am staring insanity on thursday again so hopefully i will see some more changes once i really take that seriously.  workouts at the gym are still the same..6 days a week and trainer 3 days.  it’s going to be hard finding time to do insanity every day but i am determined to lose this weight and committed!!

hope you are all having a great week!!



It’s always an update, isn’t it?  I have been so busy these last few weeks and finding it hard to update this thing 🙂 Although I do have a instagram account so if you have one too..i would love it if you followed me 🙂 @lowfatsummer

I have been working out like crazy and trying to eat healthy as much as possible.  The weight is not quite coming off as fast as I would like but I have lost about 6 inches in the last month.  Is that even good?  I have no idea how to measure that except that it is something.  A loss is a loss I suppose 🙂 I do feel great though and am definitely getting stronger.  My friend and I are still with the trainer 3 days a week and doing cardio 6 days.  Why is the weight loss taking so long when I feel like I am doing everything right?  I am trying to be patient because I know I am doing good for my body and losing slow is the way to go I hear.

Nothing else exciting to report.  How are you guys doing? I love reading your blogs and keeping up with you even though I am so bad at mine.

I will be back soon!!

XO, Eve

what’s for dinner?

I have really been trying to clean up my eating lately and have made serious progress this week because of it.  I am down 4.5lbs and it’s all due to clean eating.  Here is an idea of a typical day for me.

Breakfast:: I have a cup of coffee with some agave to sweeten and a splash of FF organic milk.  An hour or so later I have been doing Shakeology and am really enjoying it.  It is keeping me full for up to 3-4 hours.

Morning Snack:: Usually some fruit or Ezekiel bread with 1tbsp unblanched unsalted organic peanut butter and sliced strawberries.

Lunch:: Salad with lettuce, peas, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, sweet peppers, avocado, a scoop of hummus and balsamic for the dressing.  I am obsessed with this salad and the hummus, balsamic and avo makes it so creamy.

Afternoon snack:: String cheese and grapes.

Dinner:: Quinoa fried rice OR Quinoa and grilled veggies OR grilled chicken and veggies.  It’s usually something different every night.

This has been the routine for this week so far and it’s going great! i am eating every 3 hours or so and am never hungry.



Feeling the pain

I started the P90x/Insanity hybrid this past Monday with a few girls and have definitely been feeling the pain since. On top of that I am still working out at the gym doing cardio 5 days a week and training w/ a personal trainer 3 days a week. It’s been a rough few weeks just getting settled into a routine with all of it. The hardest part I think has been having to wait until 8pm or so to get started due to Marvin’s work schedule and the kids. The baby has also been waking up in the middle of the night and it’s been taking over an hour to get her back to sleep. Needless to say, I am tired and worn out. Usually in this circumstance I would and could find these excuses acceptable to quit but something is different this time. I really want it. I need to do it. I am motivated, inspired, pumped and excited.
I finally feel like I have the winning formula for success.


went to yoga today and was not really impressed. i really like the first 20 minutes or so and the last 15 but that time in the middle there with all of the downward dog and warrior poses was not for me. i found myself getting a little bored and wanting to just get out of there. i had really high hopes for some reason and was hoping it could be a sunday thing for us to do but it might be more of a once a month or so thing. i think we are just going to try to find some classes to do on sunday’s instead.

i went to the store yesterday and got all of my veggies, fruits and some organic chicken. i washed and cut everything and got it all ready for the week. there is no excuse for me not to do good on eating this week and i am so ready to see some changes! will try to update as much as i can.



i’m doing it

i am finally doing it.  sticking to something.  it has been 2 weeks since i signed up at the gym and i have gone almost every day!  i know it’s not much but for my lazy self..it is a huge step!!  my friend and i have been working out with the trainer 3 days a week and this morning we did 1 hour of cardio.  i did the treadmill for 45 minutes at a 7.0 incline on 3.5.  well, i alternated 5 minutes on 7.0 and 5 minutes on 4.0 for a total of 45 minutes.  then i did the elliptical on level 4 for 15 minutes.  i am so sore and tired today but excited too!  we are going to do yoga tomorrow morning.  i’m usually not a big fan of yoga but i hope that changes tomorrow.

do you like yoga?  i feel like i’m the only one who hates it.

hope you are all having a great weekend so far.



What i wore

Just a quickie what i wore today. Went to the dentist and let’s not even talk about how sore my mouth is :(. Excuse the mess.

Jeans from the Loft and sweater from Gap.

keepin it real…

i like to eat.  let’s keep it real.  i didn’t get here by eating 3 salads a day.  why is food so good?  it’s such a mind game you play with yourself especially when you are on a ‘diet’ or trying to get healthy.  it’s JUST food for crying out loud!! why are we so obsessed with it?  sometimes i get to the point where i am so pissed at it!  pissed at those chips or that chocolate cake or cool whip!  pissed at what it all has done to me and how it makes me feel.  pissed when i’m getting dressed and nothing fits.  pissed when i get winded by walking up my stairs.  it’s just food.  i have to keep reminding myself.  i wish it would really click already.  i am waiting for that ‘aha’ moment but am afraid it will never come.  i honestly can not see myself at the end of this journey.  the things i want seem so out of reach.  i am trying.  i have gone to the gym almost every day since i got that membership last monday.  that is a start and i get it.  but i feel like i am sabotaging all of my efforts because i am weak.  i can not say no. i have no self control.  i know what to do but am finding it so hard to just do it.   i feel like every day is a food fail lately.  it’s so hard not to beat yourself up over it yet you are the one doing it to yourself.  

going to suck it up and try again tomorrow.



so far so good…

as you know, i joined the gym last monday and am excited to report that i have gone 5 out of 7 days!! whoop!  my friend and i signed up with a trainer also and worked out with him a few times last week.  i currently can not move my arms.  we signed up to do 3 days a week with him and then will be doing our own thing 2 other days for a total of 5 days.  it’s been a long time since i stuck to something even for a week!  now i just need to get my eating on point.

the kids are all asleep so i am going to try to do the same.  it’s only 9pm but i have been feeling so tired lately.

goodnight friends!

i did it!

i worked out 🙂 no not insanity but i signed up at la fitness last night and did a little cardio workout!  it has been way too long and i loved being back there.  i am not even going to talk about what my plans and hopes are..just going to take it day by day but i am really excited and motivated right now!  

the next thing on the list is to clean up my eating again.